Welcome to Insworld Consultant Services
INSWORLD CONSULTANT SERVICES deal with counselling and placing qualified students into overseas colleges and universities.

We help students to obtain places at 'top' universities overseas, and also to those who have already qualified for entry to colleges and universities overseas but need assistance with their applications and arrangements. Insworld helps ALL students planning to study overseas..

Established in 1986, we have successfully placed over 7,500 students into recognised and prestigious universities around the world. Insworld has established a wide network of overseas universities and is the appointed representative of a range of prestigious universities in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.

Insworld Consultant Services (ICS) is a member of NAFSA Association of International Educators, United States of America, with over 21 years of professional career and guidance counselling.
INSWORLD offers a FREE service to all students:
Career Counselling

Providing information on the institutions such as programmes, accommodation, fee payment procedures, terms and conditions of enrolment, etc.
Filing formal applications, ensuring compliance with admission requirements.
Assistance with registration for TOEFL, SAT, IELTS tests
Advice on any Scholarships and Bursaries available
Assisting successful applicants to obtain student visas & other necessary travel documents.
Facilitating communication between the students and the institutions.
Providing pre-departure orientation.
Coordinating airport pick-up and accommodation arrangements.
Assistance with application for International Student Identity Card (ISIC), Student Assist Insurance, Travel Insurances, Study Loan, etc.
Interested in having a recognised British Education for Junior Secondary, O Level, A Level & University Foundation courses in Singapore for 1/3 of UK costs?
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For further information, please email chehwuei@insworldsch.com or call +65 6732 1728.
List Of Universities & Colleges
University of Aberdeen  
University of Dundee  
University of Exeter  
University of Leicester  
University of Liverpool  
University of Glasgow  
University of Heriot-Watt  
University of Newcastle  
Queens University of Belfast  
University of Strathclyde  
University of Wales Swansea  
Middlesex University  
David Game College Group  
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
St Norbert College  
Hawaii Pacific University  
Green River Community College  
Glion Institute of Higher Education